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...and dear God I was a fucking try-hard. Some one told me my freshman year of college that I should trust myself to grow and become a complete different person. He was absolutely right. And I know I'll still change in the future for the better.

My music taste was/is still awesome tho.

Writer's Block: Smells like teen spirit

Are there any scents that invoke childhood memories?

Honey Nut Cheerios

Book recommendations? Pretty Please!

I need more reading material. W/o a computer, I have been in a depressing state of boredom.

I can't stand reading "The Sookie Stackhouse Series because 1) already into the show 2) I think the show improves the storyline and details more than it's origination, and 3) I do not like this author's writing style at all. Too quick, confusing, not enough details or description, and, again, show does the characters and plot better justice. I can't believe I spent money on the sequels ahead of time thinking the books would be as comparable as the show.
EDIT:  Okay, I'm getting into them. The books get better as the series goes on (especially with intro to the werewolves and witches.)

Does anyone know if "The Uglies" series is a good read? Known about it for years but never bothered taking interest until now?

Also, House of Night series seems alright. Might buy it.

Will buy "Hunger Games" when Amazon cheaps the price down (don't have enough money for a $10.52 book).

Don't know whether to buy "Fire" by Kristen Cashore because, though it's a prequel to my dearly beloved "Graceling", it will not have my same, beloved characters. *smh sadly*

If anyone can recommend me good reads, will be most appreciative.


I hate myself. I fuck up everything. I just can't win. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Fuck me with fiddle stick!

My crush (whom I'm going to hell for) just replied to my random email (didn't think he would, surprised as hell) giving me his phone number and tellng me I could call at any time to meet up and that he's there for me whenever. I'm going to die. This a major epic win in my life right now since things haven't been too happy for me lately. Just needed to get this out in livejournal, cuz I can't exclaim it out anywhere else to people I personally know who would condemn me straight to hell for even having a crush on this particular person. Well, off to dream land which is not as cool as reality is right now!



I am freaking tired! Can't type for shit right now.
Have a 9 in the morning discussion tomorrow. Off to bed.
Am greatly hoping my bitches friends will text me Friday night for an ACTUAL party and not some awkward chill-fest with the basketball jocks who can't tell the difference between sarcasm and a warm welcome to your vagina.

Remember, sarcasm is a great substitution when you don't have wit.
Good night!

Chapter 1 of my Vampire Academy Fanfic

I officially finished my Chapter 1 of my too-be-completed VA fanfic which I hope to put in the [info]va_smut community (if those lovely stinkers will have me).  I just don't have neither an official summary nor an official title (school is kicking my butt), but here's the lazy summary and then story under the cut:

Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir are best friends to the end, mates to date, amigos supremos, and all that jazz. The daughter of a late rock star and sister of the musician Andre Dragomir, who died a week before his debut could hit shelves, Lissa has become an unwanted target of celebrity gossip and speculation. Rose, the daughter of a tough, well-to-do music agent, has been tossed in amidst the chaos, determined to support and protect Lissa from it. Running away from their established private school, St.Vladimirs Academy, all Lissa and Rose want to do is to run away from the chaos and do what they have the talent for: making music. However, the real reasons why they ran away from the academy may be even more threatening than a few gossip spreading and paparrazzi sightings. And having to go back could mean the end of their musical ambitious- and quite possibly their lives...
Rose POV.
Pg-13 for now (no smut till after dinner).
Song referenced in beginning is "Aqueous Transmission" by Incubus (one of my favorite bands).

Chapter 1...Collapse )

Jan. 25th, 2010

Oh my effing God! I'm actually working on Chapter 1 of my VA fanfic, AND IT"S ACTUALLY FLOWING OUT THE WAY I WANT IT TO! Yay for me and my rejection of procrastinaton! Here is a very small preview of chapter 1 which I hope will eventually spring later chapters to come:


Read more...Collapse )

SHITaki Mushrooms of Hell!

Citzens United v. FEC:  (because I'm such a political dork)

-Supreme Court voted a 5-4 majorty favor for Citizens United.

-Big corporations will now be buying off/ controlling/ donating unlimited amounts of money to our campaigning public officials.
-Our labor unions and small interest groups don't stand a chance.
-We are all screwed.
-The 5 Conservatives of the Roberts Court of 2010 are a bunch of ninny-poos!

Also, "Hilary:The Movie" sucked major ass! :P

My loves...

The Strokes- I Can't Win

That was you up on the mountain
All alone and all surrounded
Walking on the ground you're breaking
Laughing at the life you're wasting
1 - 2 tries won't do it
You do it all your life and you never get through it
Everything they had to say
Had been erased in just one day

"Good try
We don't like it"
"Good try
We won't take that shit."

I can't win.

Things in bars that people do
When no one wants to talk to you
Failing can be quite a breeze, he
Told me that these girls were easy
Happy that you said you'd mount me
Felt unlucky when you found me
Some nights come up empty handed

Yes, I'll take it

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